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At The Culture Equity our talent creates, drives, motivates and inspire, the culture in every capacity. Our roster of best in class artist, entertainers, executives, athletes, influencers, speakers and thought leaders ensure we're able to keep a pulse on the culture. Let us provide you with an only by "The Culture Equity" experience for your audience by booking our talent today.  

​DJ NiteCrawler

DJ NiteCrawler, a Texas native, residing in Washington D.C. has always had a passion for music. That passion for music grew into a love for the art form that is deejaying. He is the perfect blend of turntablist, party rocker, eclectic music enthusiast & MC who has taken his talents around the country.


The music knowledge he gained playing the trumpet, piano, and conga growing up has proved to be instrumental in his development as a talented DJ, as well as his exposure to different types of music.


Traditional West African music, Southern Hip-Hop, & Pop were some of the genres that he consumed and ultimately influenced his musical ear. He has taken crowds on a musical journey at the most popular clubs, bars, & events around Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Dallas, LA, and New York to name a few.

DJ NiteCrawler Headshot.jpg
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