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New Marketing Company Disrupts Status Quo Through Diversity Focus

The Culture Equity Delivers Transformative Change, by Ensuring Brands are Culturally Relevant


Aiming to deliver marketing solutions that accurately engage with the fullest range of today’s consumer audience, newly formed startup The Culture Equity is now creating innovative approaches for clients that advance diverse representation.

The new company, headed by former Octagon, Vice President Tiffany Murphy, combines her global agency expertise with unmatched experiential capabilities to help brands create compelling culturally relevant experiences across all platforms. This experiential agency develops tailored and targeted strategies, delivering authentic outcomes that reach, engage, and influence multicultural audiences.

“Too often, brand outreach efforts do little more than check a ‘diversity’ box with little regard for whether the campaign actually connected. That often produces a tone-deaf delivery that not only fails to meet the marketing intent but can actively harm a brand,” said Tiffany Murphy, Chief Culture Innovator for The Culture Equity. “We don’t just help our clients avoid costly missteps, our creative approach infuses marketing and advertising with a culturally relevant mindset through every step of the process.”

Engaging. Creative. Powerful. The Culture Equity is a full-service marketing agency that helps clients meet their objectives through the power of multicultural marketing. Major brands rely on the new agency for integrated campaigns that connect their brand to the world internally and externally in meaningful ways.

Before embarking into enterprise ownership, The Culture Equity’s Chief Culture Innovator Tiffany Murphy oversaw Events & Experiential Production as Vice President for Octagon, the world's largest sports & entertainment agency. Murphy understands experiential marketing through a cultural lens, not to mention her proven track record of being the driving force behind 2019 WNBA Fanfest (Las Vegas), Linkedin’s LEAD Community, TechEdge Conference (Sacramento), ByBlack Conference, Ray Lewis’ Century Celebration at SuperBowl LIV (Miami) and a number of brand activations with companies like Red Bull, MGM, Bank of America, PlayStation, PepsiCo, and AWS.

Multicultural marketing approaches with The Culture Equity go beyond simple consultation. The Culture Equity is the future of marketing, putting purpose over profit, and a love of culture over an obsession with creativity. This Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified business helps clients see their goals for brand activations, event production, employer branding in addition to inclusive diversity programming from ideation to implementation. The dedicated team behind The Culture Equity guides each stage, progressing through strategy design, experiential ideation, creative development, and solution integration with industry-leading expertise and innovative approaches.

This new marketing agency separates itself from competitors by moving from campaigns to commitments. The Culture Equity brings not only the unmatched proficiency that comes from years of working with high-profile talent and companies but have the entrepreneurial nimbleness to adapt to today’s marketing needs and foster representation in business.

The Culture Equity works to drive innovation even beyond the business sphere. That impact is seen in the development of their Culture Innovation Lab, a nonprofit organization. Culture Innovation Lab brings together innovators through events, workshops, gaming, and mentoring opportunities. By bringing together key trailblazers from the private, public, and academic sectors, the organization creates opportunities for impact and allows for a continuous reimagining of possibilities. No matter the effort, those behind the business remain committed to making a measurable difference across the nation and around the world.

About the Company: Headquartered in Houston with operations in Las Vegas and Detroit, The Cultural Equity is a full-service marketing agency with a global reach and unmatched experience for the 21st-century consumer space. Clients gain access to intentional, targeted campaign solutions that resonate with current cultural relevance. Find out more about the company at

Contact: The Culture Equity 281-900-5494


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