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HBCU Change Launches App To Fund Historically Black Colleges

HBCU Change, is currently on track to serve as the nation's fastest-growing micro-donation app totally committed to the sustainability of Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the nation.

Committed to developing an innovative way to raise $1 billion over the next 5 years, the HBCU Change app is answering the call of solution oriented methods to tackle the grossly growing financial shortage that HBCUs are facing as a result of the pandemic. Many HBCUs rely on money generated from students living on campus, and with the impact from the pandemic, HBCUs are suffering financial loss in extremely high numbers. The HBCU Change app will also start to close the technology gap between alumni and Universities in regards to seamless donation integration, making it easier for alumni to give back and continue the tradition.

"I created the HBCU Change app to allow Historically Black Colleges and Universities to innovatively engage their alumni and supporters. The app allows alumni and supporters to give back at any time, in any place by allowing their spare change to go towards their selected school without even having to think about it. Giving back in this space is critical at this point. Many mainstream institutions have relied on large endowments when the pandemic hit, but many HBCUs do not have that financial cushion. This is how we can start to save our own," states Xavier Peoples (HBCU Change Founder).

Users can effortlessly set recurring contributions by the day, week or month and know that their money is going directly to the needs of their beloved college of university. As a part of the mobile application’s phase 1 launch, Florida A&M will initiate the use of the HBCU Change app to it’s student body and alumni. "Florida A&M is excited to lead the charge and introduce this new platform of giving. This platform is not only about generating resources but it’s about culture and supporting HBCU’s like never before," states Kortne Gosha, Vice President & Director of Athletics, Florida A&M University.

HBCU Change aims to fix the problem of financial scarcity and low giving by allowing alumni, allies and friends the ability to donate to their favorite HBCU with an easy user-friendly experience.

The easy to use app features the following:

  • Contribution History - Keep track of your giving over time for reporting during tax season.

  • Ranking - See which schools and class years are raising the most funds.

  • Complete Control - Pause and resume contributions at anytime in your settings.

  • Bank-Level Security - HBCU Change uses industry-standard encryption and never store your banking credentials

HBCU Change app's automated spare change round up aims to create economic empowerment with national adoption from those that keep HBCU’s near and dear to their hearts and will serve as a national charge for students, alumni, and supporters to make change. For more information, visit


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