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COOKIES Family of Brands to Launch Vertically Integrated Medical Cannabis Operations in Florida

COOKIES, a leading provider of top-shelf, meticulously developed cannabis products in regulated markets nationwide, is excited to begin offering high-quality cannabis medicine—powered by renowned proprietary genetics—to serve registered patients across Florida, starting in 2021.

As part of a two-year expansion plan, COOKIES and its family of brands is building a vertically integrated medical marijuana treatment center that will provide patients throughout the state of Florida a wide variety of high-quality products. Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, Florida's official designation for vertically integrated cultivation, processing and dispensing of medical cannabis, are the only authorized outlets for medical cannabis in the state. Cookies is the only minority owned and controlled brand to own a Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic (MMTC) license. 

"Our team is excited and extremely humbled to be able to own one of the few licenses in Florida." said Berner, Founder and CEO of Cookies. "This is a major milestone for the expansion of COOKIES, and we look forward to the challenge of growing some of the best cannabis in the world, in one of the toughest climates. We are building out a massive cultivation and breeding facility to feed our stores all throughout the state and keep the menu exciting. I can't wait to embrace the culture and vibe in Miami and hope to secure a location on South Beach, that would be legendary."

COOKIES' long-standing reputation as a respected provider of innovative, high-quality cannabis products means it is well-positioned to provide excellent medicine for patients that make up Florida's rapidly growing medical use market. The company is committed to rigorous R&D and safety protocols to ensure it is producing the finest cannabis products possible. 

COOKIES' proprietary strains of cannabis have been heralded internationally for their unparalleled genetics and consistent effects. Since launching in 2012 in California, the COOKIES family of brands has established a presence in medical and recreational markets across the U.S. and internationally, including 18 retail locations in the U.S. and a medical shop in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Florida is a medical-use-only market that requires patients to obtain a recommendation for medical cannabis use from a qualified physician and apply for a state issued ID card. Qualifying conditions to obtain a medical use card include cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, PTSD, ALS, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and "other comparable debilitating medical conditions" like severe/chronic pain and anxiety. Medical cannabis was legalized in the state in 2014, and the program was significantly expanded by the passage of Amendment 2 in November of 2016.


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