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We Make Brands Culturally Relevant!

Culture and equity matter a lot to us. With both in mind, we created The Culture Equity.

The Culture Equity is a cultural innovation marketing agency that offers comprehensive experiential marketing, employer branding, brand improvement, strategy, and inclusive diversity services.

We deliver full-service marketing solutions, to develop, execute and measure effective content, events and programming that integrate with our client's business objectives.


We create intentional, targeted experiences and campaigns that align directly to our client's business goals. Our solutions span the entire marketing funnel from strategy to creative to experiential and implementation. With a diverse approach and global reach, we effectively ensure brands are culturally relevant with compelling experiences that drive engagement, consumer trust, conversion, and impact.

We accept that culture is our way of life, it is the food we eat, the music we tune in to, sports we appreciate, garments we wear, extravagances we enjoy, social causes we enable, the content we burn through, and how we oversee our organizations.


We are the creators, change-makers, impactors, and drivers who see how to interface with worldwide brand impact to set out fair open doors. We are the visionaries making brands culturally relevant.


The Culture Equity practices in the following:

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Event Production

  • Employer Branding

  • Social Impact

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

  • Strategic Development

  • Digital Design



Culture Innovation Lab is an innovation-centered cooperative, strategic, and network-based community. We are a collaborative cohort for engaging community, technology, the private sector, the public sector, and advancement in design thinking.


We established Culture Innovation Lab to bridge the gap between academia, NGOs, government, the private sector, the investment community, and trailblazers. Our mission is to bring diverse innovators together in gaming, finance, sports, lifestyle, social impact, healthcare, and technology to distinguish approaches to reimagine the culture.​

Culture Innovation Lab is unique because we combine the elements of a development workspace (high productivity, strategic partnerships, and functionality) with a technology platform (hybrid, real-time, digital, efficient) and an innovation hub (high impact, disruptive, creative).​


Our vision is to be the center point that houses everything needed to thrive in the innovation ecosystem. This includes world-class entrepreneurship events, workshops, mentoring, business programming, research & development, and technology. 


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2001 Timberloch Place

Suite 500

The Woodlands, TX 77380


Office Locations:

Las Vegas

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